Finance Programs

Beacon Hill Funding has many program options to meet each customer’s specific financing needs. Here are a few of the more popular leases.

Basic Loan or Lease

Most leases are either 24,36,48, or 60-month terms. You are required to put down (2) monthly payments. The different programs below allow you to either adjust the payment streams or put less money down.

60/90-Day Deferred Payment

This program allows you to wait until the 3rd or 4th month of the lease before you start making payments.

Seasonal Skip Payments

If you have a seasonal business (ex: ice cream shop), you can skip (3) consecutive months in your off season to help save when your sales are lighter.

3 x 99 Programs

You only have to put $198 down and your first (3) month’s payments are only $99. Just liked the deferred program this allows you to get your equipment working for you before you make your payments.

Step-Up Lease

Start your lease off by making smaller payments. Once your cash flow improves you increase your monthly payments.

Trac Lease

This is a program used for automobile leases. If you do not plan on keeping the automobile at the end of the lease term we can raise the residual up to 30% to give you lower monthly payments.

SBA Loan Program

This is a good program for larger transactions when a customer has 10-20% to put down. This government backed program offers the most competitive rates in the industry. Required full financial package.